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First Meiwa Kumquat tasting!

hobbyartisan (Saskatoon, SK Canada, 2b)
7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

As I was watering my FE and foliage pro mix this morning I noticed 2 of my precious first Meiwa kumquats knocked to the ground!!! Must have been the results of my hail storm a while back.

One was rotten and too far gone, but one I salvaged.

It had a small blemish which I cut away but was left with half, I was surprised at how thick the rind was and how little flesh and juice there was, it was all peel and pith. This is different from my juicy Nagami kumquats. Is that normal Steve or anyone else with Meiwas?

So I tasted and to my surprise it was absolutely delicious, completely sweet with absolutely no sour or bitterness. Even the aftertaste in my mouth now is very pleasant. Anyone else with comments on their Meiwas? Here is the inside:

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