Big Family Kitchen - Help us refine our dreams!

B Mac
5 years ago
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We're building a new house (full floor plans and discussion over here in Building a House.) The kitchen is crucial for us though, and I've heard I would do well to ask the wise people on the kitchen forum to look at our plans! :)

We have a big family (4 kids and hopes for more) and we cook nearly everything from scratch. I homeschool our kids predominately at the kitchen table and I spend a whole lot of time in the kitchen.

Here's what we have so far, focused in on the kitchen (click through to the other thread for context within the whole house):

High resolution photo here: Bigger Kitchen Photo on SmugMug

Dimensions, for quick reference: 12 ft island, 12 ft counter with range/fridge/wall oven, ~8ft counter next to an ~8 ft desk. ~4'6" aisles.


- The large desk space is our e-space where we'll have two computers.

- 9 ft ceiling where it's white, 8ft lowered where it's purple.

- We never anticipated having such a long island, but it seems to make sense in the space and I like the idea of being able to prep while keeping an eye on the the other spaces in the house. I also like the possibility of seating up on the island for kids working on schoolwork or eating lunch while a project is still spread on the kitchen table.

- We are strongly considering a second dishwasher next to the one in the plan (Zone 2), but it will most often be used as a drip-dry spot so that the island can be free(r) of clutter. We always seem to have a dozen overturned bowls or measuring cups drying at any given time and that was a major concern with locating the sink on the island. Is there a more economical solution I'm missing here? Besides adding hand drying all the dishes to my day. Gulp.

- We are opting for a 36" range and oven below (unsure at this point about whether we'd want a commercial-depth, but I'm guessing it will be cost prohibitive), with a separate 26" wall oven + microwave.

- We are hoping for a big fridge: 36-48" because we use a lot of fresh produce.

- I am planning on pull out trash/recycling in zone 1 along with knives, measuring stuff and cutting boards.

- Zone 3 is where I plan on putting all our dishes, glasses, tupperware, and silverware.

I would love any and all feedback!

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