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Realistic cabinet estimate

7 years ago

Looking to see if any of the pros or designers , or other experienced folks on here could give me a reasonable guesstimate for the cost of cabinets (not including labor). I am looking for white shaker (surprise) in a semi custom level medallion, kraftmaid, or slightly better brand ( I don't know cabinet brands that well-these seem to be popularly mentioned ones on here- please recommended other brands to look at?). It is really hard for me to get to the stores right nowadays spend the couple hours necessary to get actual estimates, and we are in the pre-pre planning stage as I am trying to see if we can swing the renovation right now from a $ standpoint.

Some details. One wall (18.5 ft long) will have uppers and lowers, preferably 36" uppers. This wall will house a standard width fridge and likely 36 inch range and range hood. I would also like a 24inch full depth pantry next to the fridge. The other wall will be 10 ft long with likely another 24" pantry, then peninsula with just lower cabinets with sink (30" base?) and dishwasher. I have been working on a layout, which I will post for assistance once I am ready. Let me know if you need any additional information to be able to ballpark costs.

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