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Plumber didn't show up for two days because he was in jail... what to

7 years ago


I have not had the greatest confidence in our general contractor for our bathroom renovation for various reasons. He has shown cluelessness and/or outright aggression when I have asked him about certain aspects of the job, but we are sort of stuck now since we have a small child, and are both super busy with our jobs and about to get a whole lot busier (both college faculty members and school starts in a week--we need this done, FAST).

We are still gutted, have sheet rock and backing on the floor ready for tile but no tile, no backing on shower walls because NO PLUMBING due to no plumber. Obviously this has set us back in terms of our timeline.

I have assumed our GC doesn't have the skill set or isn't confident in his skills because he has allowed the plumber not showing up to slow down the job for two days. He left today to pick up tile (15 minutes away) and was gone for three hours (we aren't paying hourly).

My problem is, he has now said that he will just do the plumbing all himself, and I find myself worrying that he isn't up to the task because he didn't just do it himself before. Or, is it really just that he sees the plumbing aspect of the job as beneath him?

(He is an Angie's List person and his reviews are stellar, which is one of the reasons we hired him, something which has amazed me throughout my experience with him which has to this point been subpar. He moves slowly and his somewhat hostile to my ideas and suggestions, and doesn't seem interested in doing what I want.)

What do I do? I feel stuck . We need the job done. We don't really have the time to hire a new person. Are most GCs competent at most aspects of the job? Or does it vary widely?

:((((((((( (Gee, I wonder why I had the mother of all migraines this afternoon...)

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