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Floor Mat

7 years ago

I am cross-posting here and on the Flooring forum. We will be moving into new build soon and I need to come up with a good solution for a floor mat. We have a long hallway/foyer leading to great room, kitchen, dining room area. It is about 4' wide. Ideally, I would like something that is maybe 6' or more long so that if several people come in at once they can progress along that rug/mat and wipe their feet without others having to wait on the porch to get in. I would like to find something that is aesthetically pleasing, as it will be the first impression of the house when entering. However, functionality is the key requirement, of course.

Our flooring is "water-resistant" Equinox laminate by TAS. It needs to be protected. Also, I am concerned about the depth of the mat or rug that we put there---need to make sure it doesn't obstruct opening and closing the door. Yet I'd like it to be close to the door so that the first step into the house is on the mat.

Any suggestions?

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