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The NEW Plan from the man, Doug Burke aka Architect Runner Guy

Pensacola PI
6 years ago

For those who have asked and been wondering, this is a follow up to my parent thread which can be found here:

The original intent of that thread was "Building and where to save money ideas...." I will be the first to tell you, I had NO CLUE on the adventure that was about to ensue. After several requests I posted up our floor plan and well, in short we were EXTREMELY fortunate that Doug aka Architect Runner Guy chimed in. I will be the first to tell you, I am NO designer and don't have any conceptual skills for doing such work and that is abundantly clear.

When we first started, the general feelings based on conversations were that architects were insanely priced and not for the "average working man". That thought stuck with us based upon previous conversations so we just took what we have been accustomed to and made some changes to make it work. If you look at that thread, the BIGGEST problem aside from the house layout was that we had a 3 car garage with a house attached.

Doug chimed in and gave us some input and thoughts of perhaps turning the house into a 2 story which, we had been kind of set against. So the wife and I revisited that thought and with the location of the lot directly across the street from Perdido Bay, the 2 story did have a lot of merit in that we could take advantage of the views with a 2 story. Something we did previously plan on with a roof top deck.

Doug and I had our first chat which lasted a bit over an hour and we reviewed our needs and "boy that would be nice to have" thoughts. Funny, way back when the wife really had been wanting me to have an office in a loft over looking the water. Kind of like a light house setup. I mentioned that to Doug kind of in passing with the "gosh, that would be nice" kind of comment and let it bet. I'll admit that putting our trust into someone to design our house based on a 1 hour phone call was a VERY VERY daunting thought. After all, hey who knows better than us as to our lot, our life style and what we need right?

I will tell you who, Doug Burke NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Doug and I had our original call, I sent him a series of photos with some general input to assist with our thoughts and that was pretty much it. From that point, armed with the information from our original thread, our discussion and a series of emails, Doug went to work. We had NO CLUE just what to expect. Having seen his work, there is NO question that this is one very talented individuals. However, this is a LONG DISTANCE project and we are some 1200 miles away and as Doug noted, he is typically in a situation where he has the "decision makers" sitting with him in his studio making decisions and discussing the needs of the client.

We have been like 2 kids in a candy store waiting to see what Doug would design. Doug contacted me and the drawings were sent via email and then we set up a time to chat basically immediately as he wanted to walk me thru the house. With the better half at work, I took out the trust iPad and recorded the meeting.

If you could have seen my face when I opened the file, the saying " a picture is worth a thousand words" would somewhat describe the look. What did I think? I was FLOORED, simply floored. There is NOT ONE area in the house we will change, NONE. And when we saw the loft on the 3rd floor, that was the icing on the cake and something that we have been dreaming about for a very long time but we had conceded that those might just be "nice dreams".

Those "nice dreams" are now reality. We cannot express our thanks to Doug for his incredible efforts. Doug my friend, you have turned those "nice dreams" into a reality and we are fortunate enough to have met your acquaintance and made a new friend along the way in what is only the beginning of our journey.

Having said that, we are very proud to display the design for our new home and the process is now underway. So much to do, so many decisions and choices to make but now we can rest easy as the hardest part is done.

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