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Need ideas/advice for a built-in seat in shower stall

Lynn Nevins
6 years ago

My mom is re-doing her bathroom and getting rid of the full size bathtub and putting in its place a shower stall. It will take up the same footprint as the tub so it will be a 'long' shower stall. It will have a glass wall, one part which will be 'fixed' glass and another with a glass door that opens out into the bathroom.
We are considering ideas for a 'seat' in the shower, the obvious options being a built in tile seat or else a bamboo seat affixed to the tile, and which can fold up.
I like the idea of bamboo as it adds a 'nature' element and if it could fold up, that's also good for others using the shower who don't want to use the seat and want it out of the way. However, I imagine that even with bamboo, over time the wood may start to turn or rot. But I also imagine if need be, we could simply replace it every few years, and that so long as there are stainless steel arms that affix the seat to the tiled wall, that it would not cause any damage to replace the bamboo seat.
I think a built in tile seat would not only be less attractive imho (I like the natural look of bamboo) but also a tile seat would likely get more slippery as you are 'soaping up'....I'd suspect more chance of slipping off a soapy tile seat than a soapy bamboo one.
Then there's the option of a nice high quality plastic type of seat, that would fold up. But likely there aren't as many available to select from as there might be bamboo seats, and any plastic seats may not look as 'rich' or come in colors to match all kinds of tile (the tile in the show will be a light grey color).
So.... any thoughts/comments?
Thanks all very much!!

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