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Four Winds Trees Have Arrived

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

Here they are.. They arrived late yesterday afternoon by UPS. I ordered seven, 3 year old trees. A Sudachi Mandarin, Yuzu, Trovita Sweet Orange, Sanguinelli Blood, Genoa Lemon, and, 2 Santa Teresa Lemons. They were packaged well, and I was very surprised they came in a pot. According to their website, I thought they would be bare root and packed in sawdust! Fooled me!! :) All trees are planted in gritty mix, in pot's 16 and 18 inches.

We had rain last evening. and, more rain in the forecast through possibly Thursday.. Along with cooler temperatures in low eighties to high seventies... Great for the trees! :)

The Genoa Lemon was watered very well, extremely heavy..It lost a lot of leaves in transit, and lost more when I took it out of the box and transplanted it. Mostly the bottom third of the plant. It is a fairly large tree and we'll branched. The tree itself had a few lemons on it, and looked nice until more leaves fell . When I transplanted it, the roots looked good despite being water logged, even though they were in soggy sawdust/peat muck. I tried to gently soak as much of it off as I could get..

The Sudachi looks healthy and came with a few fruit.. Very nice little tree..

Yuzu pictured on the right...Nice, healthy looking trees, with good looking roots..

Trovita Sweet Orange... What a beautiful, very healthy tree! The roots were massive and, took up the whole pot it came in, I soaked it in a bucket of water, and tried to gently soak and shower the older peat/sawdust etc. off of the roots, but, I only succeeded in getting half of it off! :)

Sanguinelli Blood... Healthy with a good root mass! Beautiful, little tree!!

Last, but, not least.. My most anticipated citrus!! Two Santa Teresa Lemons! One tree had a few little lemons on it, one fell off in transit, and, one was attached to a partially broken stem..and, it also had webs and bugs on the leafs!! Plus, when I transplanted it, the roots were only about three inches long all around!! I was disappointed in the looks and health of the tree. I gently hosed all the leaves down..It definitely needs some tlc, and. with some feed to green the leaves up more! I have sinve taken the remaining fruit off..The other Santa Teresa had a healthy root mass, and over all was in better shape. Not a bad little tree..

I was exhausted last evening after transplanting and carrying the heavy pots! My neck and lower back hurt, and, I needed a hot shower and a heating pad!! :D

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