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Elux 617 Takes Out 6+ yr Old Blood Stain!

6 years ago

Back 6+ yrs. ago, my late husband cut his hand while working on window in guest bedroom. Nearby was a freshly laundered, folded bedspread that I later put into a plastic bag, zipped up and stored away, since I was changing out to different bedding. Now, 2016, because I am playing with my new toys (617s), and purging many items, I got the old bedspread out of closet to give to charity but wanted to wash it from sitting so long. I was shocked to see that there was a 4" x 2" bloodstain on this quilted colored spread. Figuring I had nothing to lose, it was placed in the washer with a normal setting and was even more shocked later to find all traces of blood were gone. This machine constantly amazes me. I am still learning FLs (thanks to forum) but in spite of my lack of "FL laundry smarts", my freshly laundered items are cleaner then they have ever been. It has to be the machine!

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