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Does college count as 2 year work history?

Allen Patterson
6 years ago

Hello all, my wife and I are trying to buy our first home and unfortunately we are in a potential pickle. Some background: my wife works full time as a medical assistant, and has been there for about a year already. I work part time/full time depending on the time of year, been with the company for more than a year; it's IT. I've also been to college and recently graduated with an associate's degree. The problem is that this IT position isn't as stable as my wife's job, but I was told that my college degree would definitely count towards my work history, likely being the whole "2 year" requirement that most companies need from an applicant. My issue is that because my job is so unstable right now(I am looking for a full time, and also I didn't burn any bridges in my last positions) that I'm never promised a job, I can go back to working technical, retail positions part time, but would the college count towards the 2 year work history on the part time jobs, they are technically related? My credit score is 725, median. Thanks all.

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