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Minor kitchen update plans after botched renovation

Roberta Long
7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

Hi -

I posted a month or so ago regarding mistakes me made in our DIY kitchen renovation. We are not convinced we want to stay in this house more than 1-3 more years. Our dream house has gone into foreclosure and if/when it hits the market was want to go for that.

However our kitchen is frustrating us right now - the aisle are narrow (39-42), the island is a barrier, there is no kitchen eating area.

We have come up with somewhat of a solution to fix some of our issues - without having to redo all the cabinets/utility moves/etc.

We also have a plan to convert the back corner of our garage into a long wide laundry/mud room. I have included that in the plan I sketched out here.

The major parts of this plan are:

1. shorten kitchen island by 39 inches - change 24 inch dishwasher to 18" - remove 15 inch and 18 inch cabinets. Remove 6 inch out curve on depth of island (not show in pics) make is a straight line across with normal 1.5-2 inch overhang.

2. Add 15 inch cabinet to the right of cabinet beside stove - put new 30 inch counter-top on. To do this we need to either move out window down 18-20 inches or make it 18-20 inches shorter. I am hesitant to make a smaller window since we are going to use the space in front of it for kitchen table.

3. Remove 60 inch cabinets between kitchen and family room - this has contributed to creating an awkward space - and I am afraid trying to put a kitchen table in front of a shortened window space will be crowded and not feel right.

4. Convert garage space to laundry/dog/mudroom - our main laundry is upstairs but i still want to have one on this floor for towels and blankets for dogs - we do do grescue - currently have 4 rescue pups that are staying.

Open to any ideas and suggestions - the mudroom is being completely changed - we can put utilities/etc where it makes sense - also windows?

Current layout:

This is an idea of what we are planning:

Thank you,


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