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48" range versus double ovens?

6 years ago

I'm sure this has been asked a million times.... Debating between a 36" induction cooktop plus built in double oven. Versus some of the new 48" induction professional induction ranges.

Let's assume we're doing new build and can deal with whatever electrical issues come with a 48" induction range.

We've moved several times in the last few years, and have had a bunch of different appliance combos and here's what we're learned: 30" cooktop is too small. Definitely preferred when we had 36". We can live with a single wall oven but every few months miss having our old double oven. No gas, so must do induction. We use our oven regularly - lots of baking and roasting in particular, not so much reheating or frozen stuff.

What appeals to me about double ovens: See-through, eye level ability to see what i'm cooking. No reaching down. Two true size ovens. What appeals to me about the range: The induction range options (wolf, aga mercury) are beautiful. Would be a real centerpiece in our midcentury modern kitchen. In our particular layout, by not having to have a tall cabinet housing the ovens, we can shorten the base cabinet run with the range (even taking into account the longer range) which works better in our layout. I like the idea of two smaller ovens (versus two full size) in the Aga. Very cool to have a full 48" cooktop in the Aga. But i worry about the reaching down and not being able to see into the Aga.

Since the range option means we'd need less cabinets, price is a wash.

My heart is kind of excited about the Aga or Wolf, but i wonder if the impracticalities will drive me nuts ?

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