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Winter protection in z6 for Black Diamond crape myrtle, Japanese Maple

6 years ago

Hi! I am hoping to get some opinions on how to (or if I even should) protect newly planted shrubs/trees this winter in my Appalachian Virginia z6 yard. I have purchased two 4' tall Black Diamond crape myrtles that I will plant this week, plus a young Red Select Dissectum Japanese maple and a very young (3 feet tall) Bloodgood JM. I worry that the root systems will still be tender and shallow, so should I wrap them in burlap for the winter? We tend to have winters that go from very mild to frigid, windy ice storms in the blink of an eye - very unpredictable. All the plantings are exposed and not near the house for shelter. If I wrap the plants, should I fill the burlap with leaves - I have a very huge Paper Mulberry tree that sheds a ton of leaves, are they safe and non-toxic to other plants? I know I have a lot of questions, and I appreciate any info and advice I can get. Many thanks in advance!

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