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My Ravenea palm is infested with teeny white bugs! How to kill them??

Malaika Jabali
7 years ago

What are these and how do I get rid of them?? They're so small I couldn't get my DSLR to properly photograph them. Here's a video I took with a clump of some that I drowned (tiny white clump that you can see around 2-5 seconds in) and one hopping around the water (around 17 seconds) in the bottom center of the video.

Back story: my palm started to die when I went out of town and didn't remember to water it before I left. I took this video today. I had just watered the palm and was removing the dead stems before draining the water out. It was when I pulled back one of the stems that I noticed hundreds of these white bugs crawling around in between the stems at their base and above the soil.

Please help!!