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vent hood insert size for 48" GE monogram range

Hello! After lurking on GW for ages, this is my first post.(-: Thanks in advance for any advice you're able to offer!

I'm installing a GE Monogram 48" range (6 burners + griddle), and am planning to have my cabinetmaker build a wood hood cover at 60" wide (this dimension was an aesthetic choice). I'm assuming I need a 48" wide hood insert because the range is 48" wide.

How do I figure out what insert I need? I'm a bit paralyzed by the array of choices.

Also in terms of depth of the hood, I'm planning to have the hood extend 18" out from the wall to cover 1/2 of the front burners, based on what I read on other threads. Any advice on sizing would be fantastic.

Last, any recommendations on brand would be awesome, looking for a decent performer that's cost effective.

Here's a link to the range:

Thank you!

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