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V-Tech Cordless Phone CS6229

7 years ago

If you have one don't waste your time (on it, or ?). Can anyone tell me how to remove phone numbers from the handset that were mistakenly entered by pushing a wrong button? There is no "del all calls" where these numbers are. If your are seeing "del all calls" you're in the wrong place. To get there click "menu/set"; then "directory" then "review". Don't be surprised if you see every phone number you have ever mistakenly entered. I disconnected the battery for a while. When I turned it on all of the mistakenly enter numbers were still there.

Just a head's up. I went to V-Tech's website and read 30-50 Q&A's. Nothing relative. I tried emailing and got the "are you a robot" picture questions. For a half dozen times or so I was turned down. I called V-Tech directly and, of course, no human. The response was they had not made my phone for a few years and service was no longer available. It did give me a choice to ask for technical assistance. When it got there it gave me a recording that referred me to the 30-50 Q&A. Sorry for wasting your time. Good grief.

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