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Show us your Somalense's (M & T): Part 2

Martin, I hope you are fine w me starting another thread to continue the one that you started.

Some Somalense seedlings of this year.

The first are seedlings A. somalense "Fat Caudex".

Same Tray, different shot.

This is a different tray of the A. somalense "Fat Caudex" in 4" pots.

Different shot of same seedlings.

These are A. somalense ssp. nova "Tanzania"

Same tray different shot.

These seedlings are from the same batch of A. somalense ssp. nova "Tanzania", where smaller and also have a distinctly more lance/linear shape.

This is a A. somalense seedling from last year. I only kept this one, because it has leaves more distinctive of somalense.


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