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Is there any chance these could root? [Fusarium?]

7 years ago

My friend bought me a very nice echeveria on tuesday. I have put it outside where it gets bright indirect light and haven't watered or done anything since then. I noticed today that it was wilting so I checked the plant and found out that it was rotting from the crown.

I removed the top and cut back the stem a little and plucked the leaves that looked okay.

I also cut the parts of leaves that looked dark. I don't know if this will help.

I read that fusarium is not curable and the healthy looking ones will die in a day or two. Is this true? Is there any way to cure this? How can I keep my other plants safe in the future?

Climate: hot & humid. usually around 35 C (around 95 F i think). I water the summer growers once or twice a week. They are in a well drained mix & terra cotta pots. They receive full afternoon sun.


roots look ok

leaves. the tips are a dark colour

tips cut off

the tray

Do you think I should cut all the tips? Put the tray in the sun for an hour to kill the disease? Cut back the stem a little more? Please help this is so sad :[[

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