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Need advice for a make-up air system for vent hood

7 years ago

We are in the process of building a home in Arkansas, and
recently found out about new code requirements for a make-up air system
if using a vent hood blower in excess of 400 cfm. We are planning on
either a Wolf 1200 cfm or Thermador 1300 cfm remote blower--based on my
husband's calculation that we need at least a 1000 cfm blower given the
total BTUs of our range top, plus we are going with the indoor grill
accessory, so want a little extra oomph. Our HVAC guys have no idea
about this make-up air system, what to recommend, the requirements, etc.
The inspector has told me that we need to make-up 80% of the 1200 or
1300 cfm that the hood will draw, but that the make-up air system can be
ducted into the return air system for the house (and doesn't need to go
directly into the kitchen). Is this correct? I was directed to Wolf's
make-up air damper system by the local appliance store (WOLF/SUBZERO make-up air damper system instructions)
but am not sure this will be sufficient. Do I need a separate blower
for the make-up air system to make sure it is replacing 80% of the hood
draw? Or will enough air just be sucked in the make-up air vent to
replace what the hood is drawing out?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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