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For those of you with greenhouses up north, what do I need to think...

About if I am considering buying one, or having one built? I contacted the builder who renovated my house five years ago, who I stay in contact with. He is very competent, honest and efficient. He said he built one for a farmer a while back and would look into options and get back to me. What do I need to think about? He said that the one he built held the heat in very well so that only at night sometimes did it need additional heat and suggested I could just use a space heater. I really know nothing about this and know many of you have them. I figured I would seek out help. Money is a consideration here. I cannot spend thousands of dollars on it. My husband is NOT handy at all, either I will have the contractor build me one, or I can order one (like Monica did), but then the assembling of it will fall on me and my son. That does not sound like fun!

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