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Need help choosing coffee table and curtains colors small living area

7 years ago


I apologize in advance for the underexposed picture of my apartment living room. However, I need some advise on selecting a coffee table. Also, was wondering which color curtains(if they should even be installed) would go best. I already tried light gray and also white curtains and I did not like the look. The white curtains look like an operation room curtain. Although they were from target and pretty nice looking prior to install.

Lastly, I'm looking forward to place an accent chair around the wicker basket area looking towards the future coffee table to have a seating arrangement for other guest.

TV dresser: neutral gray

Sofa: light gray

Area rug: stripes of white, light gray, gray,

Wall color: sand beige, light tan ( not sure the apartment came like this and I'd rather not paint) although i was thinking about painting the wall where the blinds/windows is white.

What are your thoughts? I am very confused with the coffee table selection. Not sure if to go with oval. Or rectangular? Or which color.

Current Living Room:

I really like the tables below especially the first one with reclaimed wood:



Thanks in advance.

All the best,


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