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Your Top 3 Most Hated Trees

Tell us Your top 3 most hated trees, whether they are native or invasive. Maybe you just think they are ugly, or maybe you have to deal with their downfalls. Here are mine:


Callery Pear isn't just invasive, it is a nuisance. The 'Bradford' cultivar (which is probably the most widely planted) splits and falls, destroying anything in it's path. When in bloom the terrible odor can be smelled anytime the wind blows, or when you are within about 80ft of one.


Sweetgum is a beautiful tree when used in the right place (a forest). You cannot plant anything around them without taking out the upper roots, and they drop spiky seedballs that really hurt when they get stuck in your foot.


I actually like the beautiful flowers, which are followed by unique dark red - purple foliage. The problem comes after 2 years when they get start defoliating, due to all of the diseases which they are prone to.

So, What are your most hated trees?

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