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Dolomitic lime?

7 years ago

Hi all,
After reading about the 5:1:1 mix on this forum, I've bought the ingredients needed to mix some up. I'm going to pot my lemon tree into it, as its currently in a commercial citrus potting mix which I don't think is ideal.
I've bought some zoo med repti bark as I couldnt find pine bark fines anywhere over here ( I live in the UK)
I've also got some coarse perlite, peat moss, and slow release fertilizer.

The only thing is, I've bought some 'Garden Lime' which I think is dolomitic (but I'm unsure)

It says its 'a good source of calcium and magnesium', but under 'composition' it simply states ' Neutralizing value (CaO) : 51%'
Does this sound like dolomitic lime?
Also, its granulated and I'm unsure wether this is ideal to use for the mix?

Thanks for any help,


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