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It's the hottest day of the year so I'm canning peaches

7 years ago

I went to the basement to check on their ripening progress and was dismayed to see some were ready. I bought 3 crates Tuesday, greener than grass. I picked through all three crates and have enough for a canner full. I'll eat at least one crate before all is said and done!

I scalded them in the garage, skinned them out there and brought them in the house to slice and get ready for jars. Clean up was a snap! Turned the garden hose on the table and was done in 15 seconds. All I have for portable burners is my induction so I won't be able to can them out there. Still, getting that much done outside should help the a/c in the kitchen. I think I will bring the induction burner in and get them hot on that to put in jars instead of on the stove. Just having the canner cooking will make it hot in here. I've got the exhaust fan going already, sucking my cool air out! I thought about the pressure cooker but it seems to me by the time I get it up to pressure I could have the water bath done. I doubt the pressure canner would work on the induction. I should check.

Heat warnings for today but there's a good breeze. I did mow in the heat yesterday and it wasn't as bad as I expected. I would have let it go if I would have been too hot. It helped that it was partly cloudy.

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