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Looking for feedback on my kitchen layout

6 years ago


We are remodeling the kitchen in our 1960s home. I have included a preliminary plan. A wall is being removed, the kitchen will open up to a long family room. I am the primary cook and have 2 young children. I am interested in using the island for weekday meals and homework. We are not keeping the curves in the island.

I am short, currently I am including a microwave drawer. I do not want it on or over the counters. I also do not want to myself or my boys to reach up into the microwave.

The door next to the double ovens contains a large pantry that we are planning on keeping.

I am wondering if the fridge is in the ideal space, or should it be moved? My second question is the stove.....should it line up with the sink in the island?

I appreciated all suggestions, I'm sure there are a million things I have not thought of! Thank you so much for your help!

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