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Show us your Garden Art and Accoutrements

I've often felt I had so many plants and yet a lack of interesting "objects" to look at in the garden. I've been trying to make an effort to make or buy more "jewelry" for the garden. This year I told myself that I was going to really put a limit on buying plants (yeah, right??? that lasted until like April 15.....) and spend more time on making things for the garden and planning more interesting art, etc. for the garden. Here are some things I've worked on as well as purchased. I'd really like to see what everyone else has in their gardens, even if it's some cool hardscape idea like a different type of path, etc. It's always great to get new ideas.

A couple years ago I made a few different types of these hanging decorations.

This year I worked on pavers for my back paths. I'd like to do four total. They are 2x2. Excuse the mess around them. I just finished grouting them yesterday and they're curing.

We lost a beautiful hawthorn last year and decided to keep the stump where it cracked. Wasn't sure what to do with it, but found this cute little birdhouse and it was a nice fit.

I love blown glass and found these at a great local craft fair. I'd like to get back this year to get more in hot colors.

And of course the tuteurs my brother made that I've posted before. The cottage garden would not be complete without them.

Please share your non-flower pretties!

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