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Landscaping steep slope at front of building

Landscaping steep slope at front of building

Where we started, We removed 5 diseased, gnarly, many years ago topped crab apple trees.

Stump work and shrub trimming in process. Building faces northwest and is about 100 ft long.

What to do now?

Drainage - center raised garden, pipes under entry walkway and swales to carry stormwater around sides of building. Swales can use some regrading, circular walkway partially blocks piping, few times a year water flows over low curb. Working on curb issue, but want slope to be able to handle a little water.

Slope - rock, roots and clay. young plants with small root balls needed

Level of Slope - tall plantings would screen parking lot for 2nd and 3rd floor, but make 1st floor dark. Where to put medium height plants? Top? Bottom? Middle?

Grass? ground cover instead? Slope steep for cutting.

Thank you for looking.

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