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Fortune's Double Yellow "babies"

7 years ago

Three months ago, I was sent self-set seeds found in a very large, old Fortune's Double Yellow. FDY isn't known to be that great a seed setter. I was concerned they may not germinate, so I sent them to a friend in the Rose Hybridizers Association who performed "caesarean sections" on them, removing the embryos (which can be tricky and can kill them outright), then grew them on until they were large enough to mail back to me. They have now been here several weeks and are putting out a remarkable amount of new growth. They are planted in two, two gallon cans. One pot has one seedling in it, the other contains three, which I will separate this fall when there won't be heat spikes nor too intense sun. It's going to be fun seeing what might result from them! And, it's pretty surprising the size and vigor of these plants, considering they were seeds just three months and a week ago! (April 13).

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