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Bathroom dilema - go all the way with tile, no tile or backsplash

Mila Ski (Z5 Chicago)
7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

We are remodeling our small guest bathroom. We have a very subtle beige marble tile picked out for the shower section above tub. We are stuck on deciding if we should go all the way with it to the wall where the mirror is, or cut off at the line where the red paint stops (see pic). I really wanted to do a nice backsplash on that whole wall where the mirror is but the contractor said it may not even be an option because they may not line up well and it will look a little weird when connected due to the sudden pattern change. So now I'm lost. Any advice? I would also appreciate any suggestions as to how I can have backsplash behind that mirror wall and connect it to the marble in the shower. Thanks in advance!

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