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6 years ago

This is the plan for the new house we are building. Due to an issue with building line ordinance this is the size of the kitchen. We would love a wide island facing the cooktop area rather than a long one. We are going to go with a 48 inch cooktop, a 42 inch refrigerator and a 30 inch double oven as well as a microwave drawer. ( the refrigerator placement does not have to be where they show it now.

So we have 180" to work with After subtracting the 24'" for the cabinets on the sink wall and another 42 " of walkspace that leaves us with 114" to work with

If we subtract another 42" for walkspace on the other side that leaves us with 72". Therefore the six foot wide island we wish for.

We realize in this case we eliminate any cabinets on the laundryrrom wall.

Our predicament is this, if we go ahead with this area then we end up with an off centered kitchen island to the rangetop wall which will kind of be the focus wall of the kitchen since it faces the open dinette and great room.

We truly appreciate any input and or pictures anyone would like to share. Thank you.

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