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Tomatoes not growing

7 years ago

(Also posted in diseases.) Help! This is my 6th year gardening in north Alabama, and my tomato plants are just puny. For the last 2 or 3 years they've gotten a disease that killed them (probably septoria leaf spot), so this year I bought Organicide (basically sesame oil) and I seem to have avoided the dread disease. But they are barely growing! My Black Cherry plant is doing the best, but I have several other cherry plants, a San Marzano, a couple Rutgers, some yellow pear, and some pink slicer plants. I've seen other gardens where each plant is loaded with full-size fruit, but I've gotten one slicer and maybe 15 cherries out of my 15 or so plants. Does this sound like nutritional deficiency or a disease? I mixed peat moss and Black Kow compost into every hole when I planted. I've done some foliar sprays with epsom salts and milk/molasses. I put epsom salt around each plant. I side-dressed with eggshells. What else can I do?

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