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Yellowing leaf FLF, any advice?!

6 years ago

I've had this FLF about a month, and for the first week I had it in a location that I learned was not bright enough. He's been in this west facing window for the past three weeks, and I've been careful not to overwater. I've probably watered every ten days ish, when it seems needed.

i just noticed yesterday that this bottom leaf is turning spotty and yellow and brown and this obviously can't be good. I've read that a lot of things can cause this, but figured I'd check if anyone has advice:

The top of the tree seems fine and those leaves are all in pretty good shape still:

I thought maybe this leaf wasn't getting sunlight so I rotated the tree- this way the afternoon sun will get to that leaf. No idea if that's the issue but figured it can't hurt:

Any advice on why this leaf is turning yellow and brown? Could it be the tree responding to the week in a darker corner? Thank you all so much!

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