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Wednesday Flowers

6 years ago

Disappointed - looked at my pics on my tablet and the colors were so different. Faded and dull, especially those dark ones, purples and reds. I guess my camera is compatible with my (old) computer monitor because they look just like what I see in the garden (when I take color accurate pics ;))

Anyway, I have all my lates (except one noid) blooming already, and it's just mid-July :o

Carnival in Brazil - one of the first flowers

Cosmic Struggle

Man of Sorrows


Cat Dancer

Ruffled Lemon Piping

Zuni Thunderbird - need to move (but where? :D) I usually miss it in its current spot (but not today!)

Monstrous clump of Light of the World (somehow it doesn't look as big in pic)

And a close-up, love its morning colors

Christopher Moody

More in comments. TFL!

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