Sweet Mandarin seedling emerging. What variety could it be?

5 years ago

Hi, I recently purchased a bag of Ocean Spray Sweet Mandarins from the grocery. On the bag it says it is a produce of South Africa, packed by World Pack in N.J. The sticker also says they are Clementines and "May contain an occasional seed." I assume they are a seedless variety. Any idea what variety. .or could it be just any of the many seedless available commercially?? I found two seeds in the first one I ate, but, found no more after hubby ate half the bag. I cleaned the seed, took off the coating/membrane, one came apart in two pieces .. and planted them in a damp potting medium, 1/2 inch deep. I put them in the sunroom where it is warm and kept them in the shade. I watered (with warm water) just enough to keep the soil damp and from drying out. After just seven days the seedlings in one cup are starting to emerge. Happy, happy!! I am not sure what I will end up with, but, if it survives it will likely be thorny for a few years, and might not produce for five to seven years correct?? I am doing this for the satisfaction of growing fruit from seed and the wonderment and curiosity of what the little seed might grow up to be.. I have grown lemon and lime citrus from seed a number of years back, but, neglected them when papa got sick.

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