Catching up

This has been one crazy weekend. I have lived my life in the car--4 hours on Thursday, 6 hours on Friday, 6 hours on Saturday, 3 hours on Sunday, and then 6 hours yesterday. And we go again on Friday. It doesn't leave much time for hybridizing. Luckily we usually produce more seed than we know what to do with. Here are some from Monday.

The Dark Side has struggled here, but we love the colors.

We don't grow many diploids, but I decided to get Northwind Dancer a couple of years ago. It has finally gotten established and is beautiful.

Ella Bella is also a dip. It was a bonus from the hybridizer. We don't grow many doubles but this one is lovely. It's biggest flaw is the heaviness of the blooms causes the scapes to fall over.

My Side of the Mountain is another dip double.

I am not usually a fan of lavender or unusual forms, but I think this one is neat. We are babysitting this one for our local club. This is Sky over Schuyler.

Misty Harbor is another one we are babysitting.

This is a clump shot of our seedling Ashwood Summer Sunshine X Cactus Blossom.

This was supposed to be Tech Colors (yellow and red), but obviously is not. We ordered 5 from this seller--one we didn't get and of the four we did get, 2 of them were mislabeded. We won't buy from him anymore.

We like this seedling. It is Ashwood Inferno X Horns.

This seedling is Ashwood Smoky Joe X God Save the Queen. The color in person is sort of a smoky grape.

Please forgive my photography. Some of the pictures are a bit fuzzy. We took them with the cell phone, not the Nikon camera we usually use.


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