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need advice on replacing soil mix in raised beds

8 years ago

Five years ago I purchased 2 cubic yards of a top soil compost blend from a local landscape supplier for growing veggies in raised beds. I had the soil tested by Rutgers Extension office and the results were fantastic. I had great a crop the first year but ever since then I've been having difficulty growing certain crops.

It's become so bad that although my zukes and beans are doing fantastic this year, but my parsley is pathetic. I mean really, how hard can it be to grow parsely? Last year it was growing out of control.

Each growing season I top dress the soil with self-made compost after seedlings are tall enough, so I'm regularly adding organic matter.

I gave up on basil this year after a pathetic start. All of this leads me to believe that the soil in my raised beds is tainted. To rule out the soil being the issue, I will be removing it entirely from my cinderblock raised beds this fall and replacing it.

The question I have is....should I make my own replacement raised bed soil mix? Or should I buy a certain bagged type? Any suggestions from your own personal experiences are welcome.

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