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Wednesday's flowers

Enjoying my week off work... spending time in the garden and taking pictures, among other things. Here's some pics from late this morning. Only cropped some of the pics, trying to save some time.

Wispy Rays and friend :)

Michael Bennett

Celestial Army

Simplicity In Motion, clematis Alionushka in the background

Glory To His Name

Green Rainbow, got last September... have not seen a great looking flower yet

Lillian's Vapor Trail - doing a high kick! :)

Born To Reign

Shadow Walker - I got this as a bonus from Holmes, with a daylily I bought from Facebook late last summer. I was going to sell this in the fall, but now that I see it in person, I kind of love it! I hate it when that happens, I wish I had no deer and more protected garden space.

Here's a pic with my hand for size reference

I'll add some more pics in the comments shortly...

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