Week 112 - What did you make for Fourth of July?

5 years ago

How far would you go to celebrate your nation's birthday?

How was your Fourth and did you have to cook? If so what did you make?

We usually keep it low key with a packed picnic and sit around to save space for fireworks viewing.

Last year, my husband accepted a party invitation and promised the hostess that I would make dessert. He forgot that we didn't have a kitchen.

I forgot that it's not that easy making a baked treat without a kitchen or appliances. I spent 12 hours through the evening and night baking a Fourth of July cake. 5 cakes baked in a small Breville oven took hours. In between, I spent hours whipping cream with a fork to make whipped cream frosting. I had to freeze it after every five minutes then pull it out 15 mins later and whipped.

I had no idea it was that hard to make whipped cream without my motorized whisk.

We showed up with a beautiful cake that the kids loved but I never want to make the damn thing again.

That's what it looks like but I had more layers and strawberries and blueberries in the respective color areas.

This year, we went out for ribs and binged watched TV. We did NOTHING well except for a side date tour at Home Depot.

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