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Roses: a new adventure!

Hello all, this is my first post on Gardenweb. I am new to outdoor gardening and a recent move has afforded my first opportunity to grow roses. I've previously only grown orchids, mostly slippers, indoors.
I have read so many great posts written by all of you, which have been informative and time saving. I have started my rose growing adventure with 2 Austin roses (Munstead wood & Jubilee Celebration) and a HT (Firefighter). Though I would love to delve into antiques at some point; perhaps even Teas/Chinas in a future house with a larger yard!
I would like to solicit opinions/experiences comparing/choosing between two roses (the HT, Snowbird and the Romantica floribunda, Bolero) for a hedge of 2-3 plants in a space of 10' x 3.5' in full sun for most of the day. I would appreciate other recommendations as well for compact, fragrant, disease resistant roses in zone 10a/22 OC, California. Thank you in advance for sharing your expertise!

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