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Kohler Whitehaven 36" or 33" and base cabinet size

6 years ago

Another Kohler Whitehaven question... I noticed in searching old threads there are alot of posts where people are deciding between the 30" and 36"... makes me think there was not a 33" option in the past? We are going to go with the Whitehaven but are trying to decide between 33" and 36". The 36" seems huge to us (it's installed and on display at the local Lowe's) but in a "good" way. We do have plenty of room for a 36" if we want to go that big. Any votes for 33" or 36"?

Also, what size base cabinet do people have their 36" installed in? Currently we have a 36" base cabinet planned for our new kitchen and I believe the 36" Whitehaven will fit in there, but we still have time to widen the base cabinet it if we want. Does it make sense to go a little wider on the base cabinet?

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