Will you help with w/d and sink placement in our laundry room.


I’m stuck on my laundry room layout and would really appreciate any opinions to get me started. (I just posted this in building a home also)

The room is 15’ 4" long and 8’ 6” wide

Wish list:

I’m hoping to have a passage way from the closet to get into the laundry room (I'd put hooks or some storage on each side of the door so it's not wasted space. If we decide there is no room, I’d want a ‘pass' through so I don’t have to carry baskets back and forth.

I’d like a raised w/d

A deep counter for folding (big enough that half the shirt isn’t hanging off :)

It’s a rare need, but I’d like a spot to sit and sew on a button etc.

A spot to put a cart under a counter to make loading and unloading the w/d easier (I Love Red's idea!). Putting this under the big folding counter may make sense

A big area for built in drying racks (hanging and laying flat). I'd consider getting a drying cabinet, like this one, but it's not necessary

If they ever perfect steam cabinets, I'd love one of those too. So far, the reviews aren't good

I was hoping to have a rotary iron for linens, but I don’t know if it will fit. I’m starting to think I should put in a clothes line and use a garment steamer.

Space for some type of built in ironing board so it’s easy and will actually get used!

The venting for the w/d will go through the roof, so the w/d can be placed anywhere in the room. I hear it’s more efficient for the sink and laundry room to be close for plumbing purposes.


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