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It's July, 2016- How is your build progressing?

8 years ago

We had quite a month in June- 174 posts! With summer in full swing, the hammers are, too, and the houses are going up. It's so exciting to see everyone's wishes and dreams forming in 3D right in front of our eyes. I do hope that you'll share your project with us- pictures, please! We love pictures! Will this be the month that cpartist finally breaks ground? Stay tuned!

Although our house has been 'done' for a while, I still have on-going projects, and probably always will. In June, I finally ran permanent power out to our barn. After 5 years on an extension cord, I finally have proper power for all of my man toys! I think I set a new record- I pulled the permit on June 11, and got my final on June 24.

I rented a huge trencher to bury the conduit from the house to the barn. The rental guy assured me that it would trench 'as fast as I could walk'. Ummm- no. It took me 2 hours non-stop to cut the trench- that works out to 1/88th of an MPH. But it did the job!

But enough about me- This thread is about you, the new home builder. Let's hear those stories, and see those pictures!

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