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OBF July Gourmet/Garden Swap

mcc371- Tammy M.
6 years ago

I thought this would be fun since it is so hot out.

Sending a nice box-with 3 pkts of Gardening Seeds or flower bulbs- any type.

3 Gourmet items such as Dip mixes,cookie mixes, brownie mixes, cakes, exotic spices, can be in small jars-as long as wrapped well. Or may use baggies since it is dry ingredients, be sure to attach recipe for instructions on how to make. Yes if you must- you can buy these.

2 Garden or Gourmet Gadgets-new tools or gadgets for kitchen-those silicone bakeware are kewl.

Other ideas for Gourmet Foods -can be gourmet oils, flavored vinegars and exotic spices. Flavored Coffee or Teas, and the list goes on.

I know this will be a nice gift to receive an just might be festive.

Put in a couple of favorite recipes if you wish.

Can be herbal items grown with your favorites in the garden.

Should be a min amount spent if any.

Priority mail with dc posted here

Sign ups are until July 11th and Mail out deadline is July 25th. I will let you know who you send to on July 12th.

Games to start soon.

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