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Deciding on our Forever Home (Classic Farmhouse) - Help Us Pick!

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

My husband and I are looking to build our forever home. My parents have a farm in Maryland with about 35 acres, and are graciously giving us 5 acres to build.

But struggling to decide on a home we could live in for the next 50+ years -- before we even have kids. (Hard to predict the future - but hoping for 2-3 kids)


  • Modern Farmhouse with classic touches
  • at least 4 bedrooms, or 3 bedrooms, with the potential for a studio/guest space over the garage.
  • open lay-out
  • significant mudroom (to catch muddy farm/work wear)
  • NO formal living room (waste of space imo)
  • around 3,000 sq. ft or less
  • 10 ft+ walls
  • metal roof


  • Fieldstone facade or accents
  • Lots of porches/decks
  • One bathroom per bedroom

Other considerations: finding a home to compliment my parent's house - a classic cape cod style farmhouse with white clapboard siding, black shutters, and a red metal roof.

Orientation on our plot of land - needs to open to the right, garage to the right of the house (when standing in front of home)

So far our favorites:

(Click link to see layout and more photos)

Classic Farmhouse 9772 · More Info

Love the open layout of this one, and HIGH ceilings (12 ft!) -- but for our plot of land, I would prefer our master bedroom to be on the opposite side. Also love that this plan has photos throughout. Think we would do white board and batten siding, with stone foundation and chimney.

And the other:

Prefer the "alternate plan" at the bottom of the page

LOVE the stone facade and overall look, and arrangement with master bedroom. Great large deck and screened-in porch. But I wish the living room/kitchen was more open.

What's everyone's thoughts and opinions -- I'm sure there's lots I'm missing and forgetting to consider. Which would you pick? Are there any other plans you would recommend?


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