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Wednesday's flowers

It's cooler here today and we had a nice rain on Sunday evening so the flowers are looking pretty good. I've been super busy so I haven't taken many pictures, but Bob got some today.

Horsing Around is on of my favorite pinks.

Blessings in a Backpack is a good grower.

Dynamite Brite makes a bright (though plain) spot in the garden.

I am not a fan of Joan Derifield. This flower opened flat but many times it doesn't.

King of Camelot is a tall, vigorous, hardy variety.

Last Fool Standing performs well.

Here is a polytepal bloom on Old Time Memories.

Princess of Alexandria is looking good today.

This seedling has been in the garden a number of years and might be an introduction. It has four way branching and about 25 buds. It usually blooms late, but this year our lates seem to be blooming a little early. It is Ashwood Summer Sunshine X Cactus Blossom.


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