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Ikea Utrusta / Ansluta problems

Alex Wood
7 years ago

Hi all, about 10 months ago, I installed the Ikea Utrusta LED undercabinet light with power supply. This piece of equipment is hard-wired into the wall. Ikea design geniuses decided not to have a switch on power supply - only way to turn this baby on or off is with the Ansluta remote. Anyhow, it worked fine for about 10 months, then about a week ago, remote stopped controlling lights reliably. Tried new batteries, pairing remote with base again, etc. No luck. Strange thing is that it doesn't seem to just be a bad remote connection - the Ansluta remote, when working properly with the Utrusta, cycles through a / 35% / 100% / 35% / off / power cycle. Sometimes I would push the remote button repeatedly and nothing happens. Then suddenly it's at 100% or the second 35% or off. Seems like this wouldn't happen if it were simply a bad wireless connection. I really hope the problem is with the remote, which is cheap and replaceable, and not with the Utrusta, which is hard-wired to a power source behind my tile backsplash. (No desire to rip that out!). Anyhow, I got it to work again for a month by re-syncing the ansluta with the utrusta. But then it stopped working again. Resyncing no longer seems to work. Just this AM I threw the kitchen circuit breaker hoping I could somehow "reset" the utrusta. But when I turned the electricity back on, the lights came on and now I can't turn them off! Any advice would be appreciated!!

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