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How to furnish this small loft space for a bedroom?

8 years ago

My daughter is moving into a 4 bedroom apartment, but there will be 5 girls living there (college). Until one of the other girls moves, my daughter gets the loft space and will share the hall full bath with one of the other girls. It's less than ideal, but this is what it is going to be for at least one semester. Here is the floor plan:

Here are the measurements of the loft that I drew in powerpoint:

I need to buy her a bed and a dresser. She does not need a regular sit-down desk with a chair, but rather she needs some kind of storage solution / shelves / cubbies where the whole thing ends up at the right height for a stand-up desk. That way she won't need a chair and she likes to stand at the computer anyway. If she wants to work sitting down she'll probably be downstairs on the sofa or at the kitchen bar area, etc.

There are a couple of issue: it's open to the downstairs, so light will be a problem. The girl that lives there now has a large piece of fabric hanging from the ceiling, but it's very flimsy and really does not block much light. But if I give my daughter something more substantial to hang, then it will probably be too heavy to be able to attach with tacks as the current tenant has done it.

The storage solution / shelves / cubbies / stand-up desk? I'm not sure if I'd be able to buy something that would work best. Maybe we could build it with some blocks and wood from the hardware store? Not sure what to do for that.

Where to buy the other items? It seems like Ikea (we have one in our city) specializes in small spaces or at least creative storage solutions such as drawers under the beds and so on. Should we go there?

Placement of furniture: I'm thinking right when she walks up the stairs there will be a small dumping station, maybe a skinny little table to throw her keys, phone, and other items that she will want to grab in the morning; and some command hooks on the wall when she arrives at the top of the stairs to hang her purse or hook an umbrella, etc.

Then on the really long wall I think there should be the storage solution / shelves / cubbies / stand-up desk. Also on the long wall perhaps a separate tall wardrobe with hanging space because the closet is tiny.

On the short wall under the loft should go the bed, hopefully with storage underneath. If the bed is pushed towards the stairway end of that wall then there could be a dresser at the foot of the bed with a lamp on it.

The walls: I don't know if she'll be allowed to mount a large magnet board or bulletin board or anything else on the wall that has to screw in. She might be limited to whatever a command strip can hold, and I'm not sure how much weight they can handle. If we can put something I would like to put it above the hooks. Or we could just screw things into the wall and I'll just patch and paint it if needed when she moves so she doesn't get into trouble with the apartment management. It's been decades since I've rented so I don't really know what they typically allow nowadays.

Please give us some feedback and advice as to this plan and also where the best shopping options are. I am searching online for some used items, but I am also willing to go down to IKEA or someplace else and buy some new things.

Here's a drawing of what I was thinking:


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