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Week 111 - The #1 on your wish list for the kitchen

7 years ago

What was the one thing you always wanted to have for your kitchen? Whether you got it or not.

For me, it was a French door oven. I suffered for decades with minor burns on my forearms from the drop down oven doors. It seems like I get burned about 50% of the time that I use our upper oven.

They finally made one in the US that you can buy but I thought it would be another 8 yrs before I could save enough to get one.

Fortunately or not, I ran into two brand new Blue Star French door ovens at a huge discount. DH was so excited that he committed to helping me pay for it so I bought them.

His idea of what it actually cost was way off. His $500 contribution basically covers the front panel of one oven. He was horrified at the end cost but it was too late. No return.

As a result, I had to figure out ways to cut the non avoidable cost from the kitchen. This includes learning how to cut mirror and glass, using our closet doors for the kitchen and custom fitting the new upper cabinets around IKEA innards.

I'm also building some of the cabinets myself, making my own tiles for the backsplash in the bar area and making my own countertop.

What was your #1 desire and did you have to compromise or give up things for it?

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