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Front Yard Curb Appeal Help Request

6 years ago


We moved into our home several years ago and spent a large amount on plants, most of which died the year before last during a very cold/windy winter (Milwaukee, zone 5). Unfortunately we need to redo almost everything, and since we planted many of the plants too close anyway (beginner mistake!), we thought we would just start over. We're starting with the front of the house and moving on from there. If you think something should be moved, please don't hesitate to let us know. We're hoping for your suggestions for a great landscape design:

- The home is south facing. Half of the yew on the right hand bed doesn't get any sun, and none of the area behind it, nor behind the bushes on the left side get any. Most of the area by the left porch post and birch tree is shaded for most of the day. We're thinking of extending the porch sometime down the road, but aren't sure what to do with that area under the overhand in the meantime (just keep it mulch? shade plants?). It feels awkward, and looks kind of ugly.

- There is a birch tree to the left of the home that is just outside the current bed outline, do we pull it into the front and side beds, or circle it by itself?

- We just replanted the entire tree/shade bed located at the bottom left of the full house pic (thanks to a green thumb neighbor that was splitting plants and advised us on how to design it). These include daylillies, hostas and ostrich ferns. We'll be repeating a lot of this in the woods behind and to the right side of the house, and aren't sure if we should have some to the left side of the house or elsewhere for consistency.

Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated!

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