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Planting Sedum on a Tree Stump; How to Protect Clay Pots?

6 years ago

I know ... who's thinking of winter in June? I just had a large, diseased Maple removed that had engaged the fence. I now have a 3-4' diameter stump, 4' high. I thought to use my collection of clay pots ranging in size from small through to 18" diameter to make an arrangement on the stump and plant sedum (my personal favorite) and other perennial plants. I've never planted perennials outdoors in pots and wonder how or if I can protect the pots over the winter. Is it possible to remove the sedums from the pots when they die back and keep them over the winter, while taking the clay pots indoors? Can I cover the whole thing with a tarp and protect everything? I don't think I want the expense of buying all new 'frost proof' pots for this. Maybe there's a more creative way of planting on top of this stump?

This is the view approaching the stump; it's in a row of white pines. As you can see the area is heavily landscaped with holly and boxwood, but the stump gets almost a full day's sun.

The stump itself showing the neighbors arborvitae and our reindeer (don't ask). The fence is now part of the stump.

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